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Electric car chargers are an important part of keeping your electric vehicles running, but it is easy to overlook how important a charging point can be.

For many electric vehicle owners in Greenford, the first step should always be to find a home charging solution. Whether it is a smart charging system or just a basic pin plug, relying on home chargers instead of public EV charging stations can make a big difference.

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We offer a range of electric vehicle charging point options, enabling EV owners to find the car charging tools that suit their needs best.

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Who are EV Charger Installers?

As professional electric car charging installation experts in Greenford, we understand that electric car charging equipment is vital for keeping your vehicles running properly.

We provide a vast range of charging cables, charging unit options and other related tools for keeping your vehicle’s battery topped up at home rather than having to rely on a public charger.

If you own an electric car – or have family members that do – then charging can be one of the hidden costs that most people do not think about. Home-installed EV charger units are a great way to fully charge your electric vehicle for a fixed price and with no extra hassle.

Why Choose Us?

As electric car charging experts, we understand how to provide the right electric car charging options for each client.

Our home charger options are incredibly varied, and we can handle installation at a rapid pace to let you power your vehicle reliably.

15 Years of EV Charger Installation Experience

We have over 15 years of experience in EV charger installation in Greenford and have helped thousands of clients get the charging units they need for their homes.

We have installed countless home-based EV charge point options and can carry out the installation of electric vehicle charge and power points with minimal delays.

Professional Installation of Electric Car Charging Cables

Our expert installers can provide charge-point equipment quickly and easily, making sure that it all gets installed to a high standard of safety and reliability.

This includes a range of accessories, from full charging stations to additional cables that are compatible with multiple car types.

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Greenford Electric Car Chargers

We can provide a range of electric car charging solution options in Greenford, working with both businesses and residential homeowners to provide the right installations for their needs.

Our services provide easy access to the fast installation of home charger systems with multiple finance options.

What is an EV Charger?

An electric vehicle charger is simply any kind of charging solution for an electric vehicle, as the name implies.

This could be a full charge point installation, a smart charging system, or even a home charger with a cable specifically meant for one vehicle’s battery and charge ports.

Electric vehicles need energy to function, so it is very important to charge the batteries. While many businesses offer paid car charger points, the price of energy from charging your vehicle, there can be much higher than using energy from your home.

Our Greenford EV charging systems are designed to let EV drivers keep their vehicles topped up with energy, offering easy and convenient access to EV charging without racking up high costs from a business.

Types of EV Chargers We Install

We can offer the installation of a huge range of charging options. Some are meant to power particular vehicles, while others are compatible with multiple car types.

Each electric car is compatible with specific kinds of charger, and some have a more broad level of compatibility than others. We can help you identify the right range of charging point options for your particular car.

There are three levels of electric car charger to worry about, as well as two distinct types of charging points as a whole.

Level 1 Charger Greenford

Level 1 charging is the slowest option available, offering between 1-2 kW of power through a normal 120-volt AC outlet.

This uses the three-prong household plug normally associated with North America and is generally unused in Europe due to specific requirements on the minimum volt level of residential electricity.

Level 2 Charger Greenford

Level 2 charging uses between 230-400 volts, providing up to 22 kW of power. These are often known as single-phase charging units – said single-phase chargers are mostly used in residential homes.

These often come with features other than just the charge plug, including things like RFID cards and load balancing.

This is the most common kind of EV charging installation on the market, providing energy to a huge range of EV drivers.

It is also up to nineteen times faster than a level 1 charger and is used in commercial spaces as well as residential ones.

Level 3 Charger Greenford

Level 3 charging converts AC to DC, providing an incredibly rapid charge rate. Unlike single-phase charging, these are sometimes referred to as three-phase charging.

These also tend to have an advantage in terms of features, making them very versatile and convenient installations. They are faster than single-phase options and can move more energy around quickly, but that power also comes with higher costs overall.

You can expect to see a level 3 installation near service stations or dealerships – anywhere where people generally decide to park for only a short time and need convenient short-notice charging.

Tethered EV Chargers Greenford

Tethered chargers use fixed cables that cannot be removed.

This has the advantage of requiring far less effort, minimising potential cable damage, and often coming with reduced prices.

However, this naturally also means that you are limited to the length of the cable. Electric cars will need to be within the cable length to be plugged in.

Untethered EV Chargers Greenford

Untethered chargers for electric cars don’t come with a permanent cable, making it easier to swap in a new cable as needed.

This also makes them more convenient for travel since you can keep the cable separate or buy a new one at your destination if needed. A damaged cable can also sometimes be replaced.

However, this means that you are paying more than just one fixed price for the charge point, and you often have to clean the cable itself to avoid it being damaged in the long run.

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Greenford EV Charger Installation Cost

The costs of EV charger installation depends heavily on a range of factors, from the charger itself to the way it needs to charge your car.

We can help guide you through the costs of EV charger installation, providing Greenford customers with a breakdown of what is impacting their expected costs.

How much does EV Charger Installation cost?

Installing an EV charging point in Greenford can be costly. However, the exact price depends on what you install and the kind of features you choose to aim for.

There can be a range of factors to consider that impact the overall price, from the cable length to the rapid charging speed. It is important to set a budget before rushing into the installation.

Home EV Charging Benefits

Having a home EV charging system – or even one in the workplace – can make a huge difference. Chargers are literally the thing that keeps your electric cars running, so having easy access to charging is important.

Installing a new charger for your car in your Greenford home can offer core benefits such as:

Convenient Charging

A home EV charger can allow for much more convenient charging, with even the most basic pin-plug charger allowing you to top up your car whenever you want.

Having a charger available can make it a lot easier to fully charge your car ahead of longer journeys or busy days rather than having to wait at a public charge point.

Safer Charging

Keeping a charger in your home is also a lot safer. You are not leaving your car exposed anywhere, you are not out in public, and you are not using a shared charger that somebody may tamper with.

Not only that, but you can choose a plug that is fully compatible with your car, ensuring that you are not using a plug that might not work as intended.

Lower Costs

The price of charging at a public charge point in Greenford can be much higher than using your own home charge point.

A home EV charge point offers a way to charge with more consistent prices, using your own energy provider to power your car.

Environmentally Friendly Charging

Using your own home energy allows you to use solar power or other eco-friendly power types if you have them available.

This means that you can charge your car with renewable energy – without switching to an expensive eco-friendly charging company or having to hunt down a charge point that uses solar/wind/geothermal power.

Less Hassle

Using a home charger is a lot simpler than other options. A good installation means that you can quickly switch to charging your car without any real effort involved.

Once installed, these Greenford charge points are effectively yours until you decide to get rid of (or replace) them, which means that you can fully charge your car as often as you need to.

Simpler Energy Bills

Charge points and cables draw from your home’s normal energy supply, so the costs go to your energy bills as normal.

This avoids any awkward legal issues or specific terminology problems, allowing you to pay for car charging using your normal energy bills.

Rapid Charging

Most well-installed charge points can be surprisingly fast when it comes to charging, allowing you to get your car topped up very quickly.

Smart Charging

Smart charging points can make a great addition to your home in Greenford, using smart systems to charge the car when electricity demand is at its lowest.

Smart systems can not only save you money but can use smart technology to manage your charging in an intelligent way.

App Controls

A lot of smart charging options use app systems for added smart control. This includes versatile apps like Intelligent Octopus – multiple charger units are compatible with Intelligent Octopus software.

This allows you to manage your smart charger over Wi-Fi through the app, even if you are using the app from a completely different room.

Consistent Power

A properly-installed charger can provide reliable charging for a manageable amount of money.

Not only that, but the charging is usually consistent unless you’re using smart charger units to limit charging speed at specific times.

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Where We Install EV Chargers


We can install a range of regular and smart charging units in any residential home in Greenford, with a professional installer ensuring that the charger works as intended and is safe for daily use.


Whether it’s an office building or a supermarket in Greenford, we can provide regular and smart charging options for customers and employees alike, as well as security measures to keep them protected as needed.

Car Parks

As long as there is a place to store energy nearby, our charging units can be ideal for car parks in Greenford that see a lot of electric vehicle traffic.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an EV Charger

Choosing the right charger is important. It helps to consider details like:


The price of the charger itself, as well as any additional costs or fees.


How difficult the charger might be to use.


Which vehicles the charger can actually charge (without modifications).


The size of the charger and where it can be placed in the house.

Power Requirements

The amount of power the charger takes from your home’s supply to function properly.


The level or phase of the charger unit itself.

Cable Reach

How far the charging cable can reach from the unit (and whether it can be replaced or not).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a normal electrician install EV charger?

Only qualified electricians can install charging points due to their complexity.

Is it worth installing a home EV charger?

A home charger is invaluable if you or your family have at least one EV vehicle. The ability to charge at home makes a significant difference to how you use the car.

How much does it cost to install an electric car charging port?

Costs can range anywhere from £400 to £1,000 and beyond, depending on the model and design chosen.

How much does it cost to install an EV charger at home UK?

The cost of installing a charger at home is roughly the same as installing one anywhere else, with no major reasons for that to change.

How much does it cost to install an EV charger at home UK 2024?

As of 2024, charger units are becoming more and more important, with cheaper options and installation services becoming available all across the UK.

How much does it cost to set up an EV charging station at home?

Installing and setting up the EV station at home can cost a varying amount – our experts can give you a breakdown of the costs you should expect.

Do I need a dedicated circuit for an electric vehicle charger?

A charger requires a dedicated circuit, which can mean upgrading your consumer unit if you have no extra capacity.

Can you plug an EV into a wall outlet?

It can be possible to charge a car on a domestic socket. However, this varies wildly and usually means far slower charging.

Can an EV charger be connected to the meter box?

Each installation of a charger generally requires an isolator, so this kind of connection is not usually possible without extra steps.

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Contact us if you want to know more about what we’re able to provide and how we can assist with your car charger installation.


We can provide a vast variety of charging options to clients in Greenford. Whether you’re new to electric vehicles or a veteran EV driver, we can supply the right charging options for each customer we take on.

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